Constantine Klugé (1912-2003) was a French painter of Russian origin, an artist, architect and author. He was born in Riga.

In 1919 the artist emigrated to China and in 1923 he settled down in French concession in Shanghai. He graduated from the French college, painted in Art-club. In 1931-1937 he studied at the architecture department at National School of Fine Arts in Paris. In 1938 he returned to China. The painter had some personal exhibitions, was a member of the art society The Studio (1942). In 1950 he settled down in Paris. Worked as an architect, and afterwards devoted himself entirely to painting. He painted mainly the landscapes of Paris and portraits. He also received a silver (1961) and a gold (1962) medals from Society of French Artists. He acquired a French citizenship in 1964. His personal exhibitions were held in New-York (1966, 1968), abbey Saint-Mauric (1991) and Compiègne (1992). He was a holder of the National Order of the Legion of Honour (1990). C. Klugé’s works of art can be found in art museums of France and in numerous private collections.

Oil on canvas; 74 х 54 cm