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Ivan Marchuk is one of the most prominent contemporary Ukrainian artists. Nikolai Glushchenko, a scout artist called "Ukrainian Monet". Sergei Shyshko, master of lyrical painting. Victor Zaretsky, an artist who became world-famous due to his expressive paintings. Tatiana Golembievskaya, master of easel painting that managed to combine realism and impressionism on their canvases. The exhibition "The First Names" presents the works of these and other no less outstanding masters.

The exhibition from April 19 to May 5, 2019 in the Museum of the History of Kyiv.

The exposition was created from the works of well-known Ukrainian painters of the twentieth century, which are stored in the gallery "Les Noms". The authors of the works are modernist and postmodern artists, expressionists and impressionists, graduates of famous creative workshops and educational institutions, whose works have long been in an honorable place in private collections in many countries of the world.

The "First Names" project started in 2014. The various mathematical and interdisciplinary works of the leading Ukrainian contemporary artists quickly won the attention of visitors. This inspired the founder of the "Les Noms" gallery Yuri Guts to repeat the exhibition again. "Our collection holds up to two thousand works. We organize exhibitions, publish catalogs and books, so that the whole world learns about talented contemporary artists of Ukraine ", - notes Yuriy.

Also on display you can see the paintings of Adalbert Boretsky, Boris Buriak, Mykola Maksymenko, Fedor Zakharov, Igor Gubsky, Yakov Basov, Andriy Kotsk, Konstantin Lomikin, Joseph Bokshey, Igor Gubsky, Theodor Konovalyuk, Volodymyr Strelnikov, Fedor Manaylo, Stepan Koshevoy and Valentina Tsvytekova.